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A masters in nursing is fast becoming a favorite degree for nurses to obtain. Whether you are interested in advancing your career in management or as an advanced practice nurse either is possible with a masters of nursing degree.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that some of the fastest growing jobs from 2004-2014 is in health care. People are now aware of the importance of wellness so this means that nurses will surely continue to be in high demand. Having a masters in nursing gives you the greatest advantage, not only for the best job prospects but also for your salary growth.

The fact remains that there is a nursing shortage in the US due to the ever increasing need to offer health care services to its growing health-conscious and aging population. If you are searching for a stable career or if you are already in the field, consider advancing it with a masters in nursing. Online nursing degree programs or RN to MSN online programs give you the flexibility to do this.

Online Nursing Degree Programs

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A masters in nursing or a master of science in nursing (MSN) is the next level for RN’s and for those who aim to be a nurse educator or manager. The degree offers many opportunities leading to a career as a clinical nurse leader, health policy expert or nurse administrator. A MSN is also a prerequisite to a doctorate degree in nursing if you are interested in advancing your career even further.

Graduates of an MSN are also Advance Practice Nurses (APN) and are doing the tasks previously only assigned to physicians. They have acquired skills and advanced practice in giving superior nursing care from their advanced clinical training or research. They may choose to have their specialty in any of these services: acute care, adult, family, geriatrics, gynecological, neonatal, palliative care, pediatrics, psychiatric and obstetric nursing. They also may choose any one of these advanced practice areas: Certified Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Nurse Practitioner (NP), Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) and Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM).

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RN to MSN programs and an online nursing degree program are taken within 18 to 24 months. Requirements are a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN ), an RN license, average GPA and GRE ratings and some clinical experience. Some enterprising students pursue a joint degree in related fields as business administration, hospital administration or public health. This cuts down the time you will spend pursuing theses degrees when you combine them.

You have the option to choose from different master’s in nursing degree programs. The RN program qualifies you to enter directly into the MSN allowing you to receive an advanced placement credit for BSN work and prevents overlapping of MSN courses. Classes are fitted to your specific needs.

Those non-nurses with any bachelor’s degree in another field can directly enter the MSN program where they can complete their nursing education. It covers three years work; one year to finish nursing and the last two years to complete Master’s level that will also be a preparation for RN licensure. Upon completion of the requirements, you will be awarded the post master’s certificate as a demonstration of your excellence in the field. Added to your nursing credentials, you will take a giant leap in your career.

Getting Online Nursing Degrees

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Online nursing degree programs and accredited distance learning are excellent opportunities for advanced education when you have a full time job and other responsibilities. Masters in nursing programs online are available at many reputable educational institutions. Its faculty members, often coming from the finest hospitals in the United States, have undergone training for online teaching. You will contact them using online messages, chat rooms and email so they will be with you all the way. Absolutely one of the best reasons for online learning.

With an RN to MSN, you will have job security and the best chance to receive a top job. Nationwide salary index as of 2011 presented the compensation of an MSN on average of $81,000 annually. Getting your masters in nursing is a great opportunity for advancing in your career.

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