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Getting a master degree in education online is a surefire way to jump start your education career. Whether you are already working in the classroom an want to advance your career or are interested in moving your job ahead faster, an online graduate education degree can get you there.

For many undergrads, a master’s degree is the key to opening doors towards success in your chosen career. Many employers prefer their staff to have a master’s degree as it's an assurance of their job expertise. Especially if you are interested in advancing your career.

In the academe, teachers with master’s degrees land higher positions and receive larger salaries. Many teachers aim for higher degrees but are constrained by work and family obligations. The solution is to enroll in a master degree in education online.

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master degree education online

Studies made by the Distance Education and Training Council in Washington, D.C. showed that there are more than 2.25 million people in the U.S. getting an online education college degree in colleges and universities including a distance learning education degree. Men & women handling full time jobs and family responsibilities or those who have difficulty commuting to the university of their choice find online learning as the easiest method to achieve their academic goals.

Online degrees in education are offered by many universities and colleges. Some are strictly online learning institutions while others are traditional colleges and universities that also offer online classes and full degrees. The internet has become such a popular place to earn your degrees that they are carting to this booming interest while offering the same degrees that you can obtain in their classrooms, For an online master’s degree in education, the standard requirement is an undergraduate degree in education or another closely related degree.

You can apply directly to the university of your choice but the fastest way is to fill out an application that will gather information from multiple sources. Normally, an entrance exam is required or submission of a paper to substantiate your ability. It might include an interview and submission of academic records.

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For master of education degree, you can select specialties in: curriculum & institution, educational leadership & policy, educational psychology or special education. Courses covered are determined by your specialization but will consist of upper level courses, educational research, exams and term papers. If you desire a different specialty, simply look into more colleges, as they can have different ones available depending on which you choose.

Sometimes a final project is required to fulfill degree requirements. It may vary based on the school and specialization but final projects can include one or any combination of the following: master thesis (with adviser), a written exam or even non-thesis work such as an internship, research project or special assignment.

Master Education Degree Online Program

Other programs are also available besides a masters degree.

Online Bachelors Degree Education

Master's in education programs can be completed in as little as one year or if taken on a part-time basis from two to six years. After completion, you are now prepared to get a better job or earn a higher salary. It is also a prerequisite for a doctoral degree.

The benefits of a Master’s degree in education is the chance to become a National Board Certified teacher and this certificate offers you the opportunity of a school leadership position as an educational administrator and other leadership roles. Online degrees in education give you the same opportunities.

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Education Online

Salaries of educator’s with master degrees depend upon your years of experience and the status of the institution. With one to four years experience, pay scale amounts to an average of $40,189 annually; after five years, it is increased to $45,898 and after 20years, it averages as high as $61,013 a year or higher again depending on your place of employment.

Your distance learning education degree goes a long way for you to achieve all of these benefits. Nowadays, a master degree in education online offers you the best opportunity to keep pace with the fast advancement of technology and high demand for expertise in the field of education.

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