History of Distance Education

History of Online Education and Online Degrees

Understanding the history of distance education will help you to know the value of online degrees. Distance learning in the US goes back well into the 1800's when correspondence was often necessary due to many students inability to travel to school (including women). Even then the debate was on about whether a quality education could be had without actually being at the college or university.

History of Online Education

history of distance education

We've come a long way. Today we have entire online colleges that are devoted to delivering an excellent education without the student ever setting foot into a college classroom. While the days of mail correspondence have long gone it now is an instant class delivered when you need it right on your computer.

Computers made a significant difference in the number of degrees available and the quality of those degrees. You can now receive a great education from a prominent professor who isn't anywhere near you. This has really changed how things are done with distance education.

While the debate over the quality of distance learning was once a hot topic it now is something you see debated less often. The playing field has leveled to some degree and you now have a huge choice to make once you decide to use an online university.

Many don't realize just how common degrees via an online college are. You very likely will find that the person working next to you or even your boss has obtained their first or subsequent degrees online.

History of Online Degrees

While online degrees are offered by some really great online schools, they are now also offered by most prominent colleges and universities as well. You can find classes and even entire degrees available from schools in virtually every state. This gives you choices like never before.

If you want a degree in business, psychology, economics, ore even music chances are that one of the top schools that you would like to attend offers it. Not to be outdone, many of the strictly online colleges are becoming forces to reckoned with as well. While it may have been thought to be a lesser degree at one time that isn't necessarily the case today. Make sure to seek out a fully accredited university with a good reputation and your online degree will carry you far.

The history of distance education is a long one and fits many lifestyles today just as it did back in the 1800's.

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