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As a nurse a doctorate in nursing or a PhD in nursing is the most advanced degree you can obtain. For those professionals who aim to be at the peak of their careers, a doctoral nursing degree is it.

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) stressed the importance of advancing registered nursing programs to PhD nursing programs to meet the challenge of health care delivery and oncoming needs in health care. These rapid and changing times demand leadership in the field of nursing which only an additional or doctoral level of education can provide.

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To enter an online doctoral in nursing program, you will need a BSN degree generally a masters in nursing as well. Although there are some wonderful BSN to PhD programs out there that can give you your advanced degree in less time. You can pursue full-time or part-time classes. As full-time student, you usually enroll in a minimum of nine (9) units per semester but different programs have different requirements.

Your nursing PhD degree enables you to:

  • Disseminate and generate knowledge of nursing science and ability to translate this into practical application.
  • Create and analyze innovative practices to improve health care and services.
  • Actively participate or lead collaborative researches.
  • Assist in introducing and influencing health science agenda set-up and policies.

The content of the PhD nursing programs is geared towards advanced practice, application of clinical research and leadership. Primary concern is the preparation of RNs to become advanced practice registered nurses. You will be prepared to assume future roles as a Nurse Practitioner (NP), Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) or even a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM).

Online Nursing Degree Programs

The benefits of a doctorate in nursing:

  • Learn advanced competencies in handling complex clinical, faculty and leadership roles.
  • Improved leadership skills to strengthen and deliver better delivery of health care.
  • Can be an alternative for those who opt for advanced practice knowledge rather than working on research or clinical faculty.
  • Have equal standing with other doctorate health professionals with credentials to practice.
  • Assume the role of motivating non- nursing professionals to enter the nursing field.
  • Adds more and better faculty for clinical instructions.
  • Improve image of nursing.

For nursing professionals and those with related degrees who cannot regularly attend classes on campus, there are many accredited and well-known colleges and universities that offer online PhD in nursing programs. This provides a great opportunity for nurses with full time jobs or families to look after.

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There is a wide array of jobs available for those with a doctorate in nursing and these are top jobs. Types of jobs available for a PhD in nursing are administration director, associate professor of nursing, chief nurse anesthetist, head of nursing and nursing school administrator. Aside from the job security offered, the pay scale is stupendous. Startup ranges from $65,000 to the highest amount of $117,500 a year.

Since an advanced degree career can be a lifetime commitment, it is best to pursue one that will get you to the top and that you will enjoy Security-wise and salary-wise, a doctorate in nursing is your vehicle to reach the peak of your profession.

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