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Getting a BSN degree online has never been easier. While obtaining an RN degree online was once never possible it has now become one of the fastest growing educational niches. You can easily earn a nursing degree online.

RN nursing jobs are abundant with the continued nursing shortage and online nursing degree programs are attempting to fill the demand for more nurses. While there is now a concerted effort being made it is thought that the nursing shortage will continue well into 2020. This makes getting and RN degree online all that more attractive. Imagine actually graduating and having a job waiting for you.

Online Nursing Degree Programs

bsn degree online

Great nurses will always set their goal towards increasing their knowledge and competency in delivering patient care. This is easily achieved by getting a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Whether you are just starting out, currently have an LPN/LVN, or an ADN you can advance your career, your knowledge and your paycheck by getting an online BSN degree.

Your nursing duty schedule, family responsibilities and the distance of your residence from the school are no longer problems at all if you take the program online. Although, an ADN degree will give you a well-rounded two years of training in nursing you can aim for a higher position and more pay by earning a bachelor’s degree in the field. Many facilities are now requiring a BSN for employment.

Just like an online RN degree, a BSN degree online is offered by many reliable educational institutions. What you will be learning are critical-thinking skills which are relevant for a high level nursing position so you are able to make effective decisions, identify and evaluate all possible options and see the relevance of certain procedures.

Graduates are expected to acquire competence in viewing research that is the offshoot of a combination of expertise in personal nursing, information from written judgment and preferences of patients. All of these lay the basis in providing the best care for patients.

To add more substance to the curriculum, sciences are integrated into the course as physical, social and biological sciences. These disciplines are intended to become the foundation which the nurse can apply in any health care situation. Theories are mastered and applied to the practical nursing job.

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Earn a Nursing Degree Online

The benefits from getting a BSN degree online, as well as any online RN degree, are as follows:

  • Full-time, doctoral trained professors and well trained faculty used for many of the school's online instructors.
  • Communications with online professors are facilitated by the use of online messages, chat rooms and email. Your academic advisers are with you all the way.
  • Appreciate the convenience of online classes. The technology is great as it is operated by excellent e-learning facilitators.
  • The online BSN degree offers flexible schedules so the classes can be taken anytime and anywhere, 24/7. This allows you to work your college schedule around your personal schedule.
  • There is no requirement for actual campus presence but you can receive your diploma on stage with nursing graduates who took the course on campus. Many of the schools will require you to fulfill some clinical time either in the class or at a hospital, though.

Studies prove that nurses with bachelor degrees are more successful in handling patients than the RN or ADN. Big health institutions and hospitals prefer graduate nurses holding baccalaureate degrees as they know that these better-trained nurses have the skills needed in looking after the needs of patients.

Consequently, BSN degree nurses often have the best job opportunities compared to other RN degree nurses. In many cities in the United States, the RN pay scale is around $74,000 while the salary of a BSN Nurse can be from $75,000 to as high as $95,000 annually.

If you are in the nursing field or want to be, consider furthering your education with a BSN degree online program to get your where you want to be. You will be glad you did!

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