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Finding the best online colleges can seem to be a daunting task. Now you not only have quality online college and universities but also the traditional colleges and universities that are offering online classes and even entire degrees. While many think that there are only a few top online colleges that simply isn't the case. You have a large mount of quality ones to choose from.

Finding Top Online Colleges

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While todays job market is challenging at best you need to stand out from the rest. Whether you are looking to advance your current degree, obtain a certification or are just entering college for the first time, you will find the perfect college degree online to suit your needs.

You will need to consider what you hope to get from your online degree. What would you like to major in? Where can you find that degree? Do they offer what you are looking for? The questions you ask yourself for an online degree are really no different that what you will want to know if you go to a traditional school.

With that being said, there have been lots of studies done on this topic. These are the most highly attended online universities and colleges. While there are many more quality and smaller institutions, this is a great place to start your search.

Make your List of Online Colleges

This is our list of online colleges sorted by largest online schools.
  1. University of Phoenix, enrollment 380,232
    Founded in 1976, one of the most well known online universities. Offers an extensive curriculum to choose from.
  2. Kaplan University, enrollment 70,011
    Founded in 1937, also offers some in classroom classes at affiliated college campuses.
  3. Strayer University, enrollment 54,325
    Founded in 1982, many of the students are full time working adults with the average age 34.
  4. Ashford University, enrollment 46,835
    Founded in 1918, this online university even has its own athletic teams.
  5. Liberty University, enrollment 46,312
    Founded in 1971, offers a Christian college education.
  6. Walden University, enrollment 40,714
    Founded in 1970, also offers a 10% discount to active duty and veterans.
  7. University of Maryland, University College, enrollment 37,347
    Founded in 1947, many classes are also taught in Maryland and Washington D.C. classrooms.
  8. Grand Canyon University, enrollment 34,205
    Founded in 1949, a private Christian university.
  9. Capella University, enrollment 31,998
    Founded in 1993

As you can see all of the online schools have a long standing history behind them and many students to back them up. A good indication of a respectable school.. lots of happy students. With so many enrolled it is easy to find reviews. A school that has a long history and many happy students is a safe bet.

While these are the most attended online colleges and universities remember that the best online colleges are not the same for everyone. You need to find the right fir for you.

The right degree, right price, right student/teacher ratio etc. There are many things you need to consider when finding the school for you to attend classes. Be sure to do the research and find the school that has the things that are important to you.

The best online colleges prove themselves to their students so don't be afraid to ask questions and you will find the perfect fit and a great education!

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