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Online Associate Nursing Degree, ADN, LPN, LVN

You can earn an associate degree in nursing online while still going about your everyday life. There was once a time when nursing degrees weren't available online but times have changed. They are now as convenient as any other online degree.

Nurses occupy the biggest slice in the healthcare occupation pie with approximately 2.6 million on the job. Taking a nursing course has been an all-time favorite for many years for many reasons. It is a career with high potential for security and it can be quickly, in just one to two years time. Today the good news is that an online associate nursing degree is offered at many reputable nursing schools.

Associate Degree Nursing Online

associate degree nursing online

Nursing is the career that satisfies the human desire to care for those in need. As a nurse you will be required to go to an accredited nursing school and pass your states exam. If you are interested in becoming a nurse but don't have much time to devote to your schooling, an online associate degree in nursing is a good option. You can get your degree quickly and begin working while deciding if you want to continue on with your RN degree.

It differs from the bachelor in nursing and master degrees in nursing for the emphasis in this program is the mastery of technical skills & care and some aspects of management in health care. An online associate degree in nursing is the best solution for those with full-time jobs and other responsibilities but still want to obtain a nursing degree.

The associate degree nursing program (ADN) is structured to develop the knowledge and skills needed for you to work as a competent and responsible nurse in various types of situations. In both a standard classroom and the online nursing program, general education and nursing courses are offered which will give you the widest exposure to theories, case simulations & skills in the lab and also experiences in clinics and hospitals.

Graduates of the associate degree in nursing program (ADN) are required to take and pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN) to qualify for a nursing license. Admission requirements may differ with each college you choose. Before anything else, be sure to contact the school to ask about the requirements of their online associate nursing degree. Some schools will give life experience credit or have different classes that are required for prerequisites.

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Among the benefits of an online ADN are:

  • Many schools are now offering an online LPN/LVN degree.
  • Individuals have the chance to earn a nursing degree faster and in a very convenient method. It is much more adjustable to your schedule.
  • Since many community colleges are offering an online associate degree in nursing, tuition can be more affordable compared with other courses that are taken at a traditional college.
  • Online programs enable you to take courses on your own schedule. This allows you to continue working or take care of family obligations and still attend classes.
  • An associate nursing degree, as well as, an associate degree nursing online is a well-paid and easy to access career

Using online associate nursing degree you will have great career potential and promises of security for your future. An ADN graduate can find employment in clinics, hospitals, health centers, schools and other health-related institutions.

Another boon is its high pay. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay scale of an ADN is approximately $33,360 to $53,580 annually. For those who want a career that can be taken fast, is affordable to obtain, taken at your own pace and has a high salary, then the getting an associate degree nursing online is a great option.

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